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Experience why your neighbors and local businesses in and around San Diego, CA trust Five Star Service Company to stay comfortable all year round!
During this terrible time we all are going through, this company offered my first mow free! I didn’t believe it but they did it yesterday! Being furloughed from our jobs not knowing what the future holds this was such a blessing and I hope everyone like us will be able to use their service that they so deserve! To God Be The Glory!!
Lisa K from Google
"We are grateful to of came in contact with Five Star‘s service. They were professional, prompt, and work was impeccable with their quote. The courteous crew came in and got our heater and air working great. I would recommend them to all who needs repair or new."
Raymond L. via Google
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Your 5-Star AC & Heating Service

Living in beautiful San Diego, it is essential to have a functional and efficient HVAC system. If your air conditioning stops working, finding the motivation to be productive becomes that much harder. That's where we step in, to solve your problem quickly and get you back on track.

At Five Star Service Company, we are your certified, experienced air conditioning and heating specialists. When it comes to your home or your business, we understand that you need someone you can trust and rely on to help provide you with the right HVAC solution every time. That’s why we’re here to build a lifelong relationship with you. So you can rest assured that if your AC or heating is on the brink, you will have a trusted technician you can always call.

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The Five Star Satisfaction guarantee

Your satisfaction is paramount to the service we provide. The Five Star 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is a no questions asked guarantee, that means will will do whatever necessary to ensure you are pleased with our service.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is a necessity in San Diego and the rest of California. We are blessed with beautiful weather here, but our AC units are essential to keep us cool. If your air conditioning unit conks out, you need it fixed ASAP. That’s what we’re here for.

At Five Star Service Company, we provide professional air conditioning repairs, installations and replacements. Our certified technicians can repair a variety of brands and we have the knowledge to help recommend efficient products that fit right within your budget. We’re not here to sell you anything you don’t need — we just want to help you, your family and your employees to feel comfortable again.
AC service, San Diego

We provide:

  • Air Conditioning Repairs
  • Air Conditioning Installation
  • Air Conditioning Replacements
  • Air Conditioning Maintenance
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AC installation in San Diego

See what our happy customers in & around San Diego, CA have to say!

"These guys were great! Helpful, knowledgeable, and willing to work within my budget to get my HVAC system replaced. I would definitely work with them again in the future."
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We know, we know, heating might not be a thought that pops into your head when you think about living in San Diego — but it is still a necessity to have in your property to ensure a comfortable couple of winter months.

At Five Star Service Company, we provide heating installations, replacements, repairs and maintenance. In other words, we have got you covered for when the time comes to switch on your heater!
Heating filter change in San Diego, CA

We can help with:

  • Heating Repairs
  • Heating Installation
  • Heating Replacement
  • Heating Maintenance
Get in touch with us below to ensure your home or workplace is ready for the day when it’s a little too chilly to not have the heating on!
Heating service San Diego, CA

Licensed & Certified

You can rest assured knowing that Five Star Service Company Technicians are certified and insured to be carrying out your heating, AC and indoor air quality services.

Indoor Air Quality

Clean air contributes to a healthy environment both at home and at work — something that has never been more important. Whether you are looking for air purification, sanitation or fresh indoor air products, we can help you.

As an EPA Certified Indoor Air Quality Specialist, we have got the expertise to help advise you on which indoor air quality products will provide the best solution for you. Healthier and cleaner indoor air reduces the risk of bacteria and allergens from circulating around your home or office. So you and your family can enjoy a cleaner environment.

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Your Very Own Five Star Service Company

Hey there! Thank you for visiting our website. We like to think our business is a little different. We’re not in it for the money. We’re here because we want to build lifelong relationships with all of our customers. We understand that when it comes to your home, or business, you need someone you can trust and count on to give you the best solution every time. We are so happy to see that our customers see us that way and we hope you can too!

Our Backstory

My name is Brad, one of the owners here at Five Star Service Company. After spending many years working for some of the largest companies in the industry, it became apparent to me that it wasn't about the customers, and it definitely wasn't about the employees. It was always about the bottom line of the company. So, after getting off the phone with my service manager one day, and listening to him tell me that he needed to turn over as many sales leads as possible that week, I made the decision that I had to get out and do better by my customers. It was that day that I reached out to my brother and asked him if he would leave his current job and trust me to start a business that could not only support our families, but could offer us the opportunity to treat all of our customers with the respect they deserve. To allow us to create a work environment that we and our employees actually feel excited to come and be a part of each day. That was how Five Star Service Company started.
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